As a religious community, we have intentionally chosen to be a true religious family, seeking to be of one mind and heart, all for the Lord.  The great blessing of community serves as a catalyst in the pursuit of virtue and growth in holiness.  As a school of love, a sister learns within community to receive and love every soul whom the Lord has chosen for this particular mission.  Seeking to be present to Christ in others begins with seeing Him in those close to her, namely her sisters with whom she daily lives.  A healthy community is a selfless community, always seeking to encourage, strengthen, and challenge each other to holiness.  A religious order is not a sorority, we do not come nor do we stay for the other members. Rather, we are called by Christ, come for Christ, and remain for Christ.  Hence, community life is only as strong as each sister's relationship with the Lord.  It is in our relationship with Him that we find the strength and see the great gift of community life.  


Even if—like every Christian—you are imperfect, you nevertheless intend to create surroundings which are favorable to the spiritual progress of each member of the community. How can this result be attained, unless you deepen in the Lord your relationships, even the most ordinary ones, with each of your brethren? Let us not forget that charity must be as it were an active hope for what others can become with the help of our fraternal support. The mark of its genuineness is found in a joyful simplicity, whereby all strive to understand what each one has at heart.
— Evangelica Testificatio 39