5th Sunday of Lent: "See, I am doing something New!"

1st Reading -A Reading from the Book of the Prophet Isaiah 43:16-21

"Thus says the Lord, who opens the way in the sea and a path in the mighty waters, who leads out chariots and horsemen, a powerful army, till they lie prostrate together, never to rise, snuffed out and quenched like a wick.  Remember not the events of the past, the things of long ago consider not; See, I am doing something new!  Now it springs forth, do you perceive it?  In the desert I make a way, in the wasteland rivers.  Wild beasts honor me, jackals and ostriches, for I put water in the desert and rivers in the wasteland for my chosen people to drink, the people whom I formed for myself, that they might announce my praise.  The Word of the Lord

+Let us Pray:  Come Holy Spirit, enkindle the hearts of the faithful, and fill them with the fire of your Love+

As we begin our prayer of Lectio Divina for this Sunday,  we are going to look at the first reading, from the Prophet Isaiah.  This past week, throughout the Liturgy (in the Mass and the Liturgy of the hours), we have been hearing over and over, the Father's revelation of His Merciful Love for us.  And in His love for us, His revelation of who we are to Him, who we are IN HIM as His adopted son or daughter.  There has been a common thread, a reference to the past; 'Remember not the events of the past', that He wants us to forget about the past, perhaps because He knows it just drags us down and we feel defeated and discouraged.  Our Loving Father in heaven wants us to leave it in His merciful, loving hands.  And the future?  The future, He wants us to look forward to with promise and hope.  The present?  What about the present?  It's the very best of all!  Why? Because He is doing something right NOW! this very minute, even as I am writing this and you are reading this!  That's exciting- God is doing something right now!  Let's  ponder these words today, "See, I am doing something new!  NOW it springs forth".  What is the Father communicating about His Heart to us, today?  Because this is the core of our relationship with Him, this heart to heart dialogue. 

"See, I am doing something new!  Now it springs forth."  To "see" is different than to "look", for in seeing we realize the object looked at.  What does our Loving Father in heaven want us to see?  He wants us to see with Him, (which is wisdom) a little glimpse of what He is doing right now.  Part of creativity is the joy of sharing what you are creating at various stages of the creation.  God our loving Father, wants us "in" on it, to share the JOY!  "Now it springs forth!"  As Americans, we want things NOW, well, here it is!  His work is happening right now, inside our souls!  Do we believe it?  To believe, to have faith in God our Father, is to believe Him at His Word.  Do we believe Him, at His Word?  Do we seek His Presence in my daily life?  We can look, but never see.  He wants us to See!  To See His presence at work, doing something inside me, for me, with me, right now in my life, is to realize He is "in it" with me.  In what I am going through, enduring, enjoying, or whatever it is, He "is in it" with me, and is doing something good through it, in it, now!  To become aware of His presence with me, now, changes everything!  

+Prayer:  Bless us O Lord, for we long for the gift of Your Mercy, stir  in our hearts, the desire to adhere to voice and the promptings of your Holy Spirit.  We ask this in your Holy Name, Amen.