“To respond unreservedly to God’s Love, by forming disciples of Jesus for the New Evangelization so as to save souls, through Prayer, Presence and Proclamation of the Gospel in a spirit of total abandonment to the Father’s Love with faith and joy. " 

 “To respond unreservedly to God’s love”

Missionaries of the Word seek to be firmly grounded in the truth that God loved us first.  God the Father, in Jesus Christ, has given Himself unreservedly to every soul.   All that we give to God is but a response to this great gift He has given us.   We will respond to this love by seeking to love Jesus unreservedly, to hold nothing back from Him who has loved us so much.  Knowing this truth in faith, we seek to imitate our Blessed Mother who gave her whole-hearted “Fiat,” her “Yes,” to the Father’s will.

By forming disciples of Jesus”  

Christ, through his incarnation has come down to meet us where we are at.  To meet us in our pain, in our suffering, in our brokenness, in woundedness.  He walked with us and led us to the Father, He entered into the mystery of what it means to be man and opened to us the depths of divine love.  As Missionaries of the Word we will strive to be faithful disciples of Christ, to let him meet us where we are, hear him call us to himself, and live totally for Him.  From this relationship, we will seek to invite everyone in encounter the love of Jesus Christ and discover  the joy and life only found in being His disciple.  Our discipleship will be genuine, incarnational, and intentional.  

For the New Evangelization”   

The Holy Spirit has called this community specifically for the Church in the Modern world.  While always remaining faithful to the deep-seated wisdom of Mother Church and the essence of religious life, we will seek to reach souls by “new methods, ardor and expression.”  We will be utterly faithful to Jesus Christ and to His Church and proclaim Christ with simplicity, faith, and joy.” We will allow the Holy Spirit to guide us through His Church.

So as to save souls” 

We will be all about saving souls.  Sisters in the Missionaries of the Word will remember how brief our time on Earth is, the beauty of Heaven, the value of each soul.  Our Divine Spouse, Jesus Christ, died for every individual soul and thirsts that they brought safely to heaven.  We will tirelessly ask Christ to work through us to bring souls to heaven and join our prayers and suffering to His for this mission. In a particular way we will pray and sacrifice for Christ’s priests in a spirit of Spiritual Motherhood.

“Through prayer, presence, and proclamation of the Gospel”  

First "prayer": The Missionaries of the Word will be sisters of great prayer.  All fruitfulness in the ministry will draw from our union with Christ.   Our vocation is first and foremost to be BE with Christ, and we will be careful to not fall into the temptation to think that our work is more important or efficacious than time being with Jesus and praying for souls.  

Then "presence": Following the example of Mother Teresa we will seek to be present to every soul the Lord puts in our path, we will seek Christ in that soul.  We will slow down and take the time to love.  This is an essential part of discipleship.  In our world that is so filled with noise, distractions, and impersonal  communication, we will seek to bring Christ’s presence to others.

Finally, "Proclamation of the Gospel":  Jesus Christ is the Word of God. He is real, He is living, and He is always speaking to a listening heart.  The Missionaries of the Word will seek Christ in His Word.  The prayerful reading of Scripture, Lectio Divina, will hold  an important place in the prayer life of each sister.  We will strive to listen to Christ.  Once receiving Christ the Word into our hearts, we will strive to carry Him to souls.  With St. John Paul II we will share the Good News and reiterate Christ’s invitation to “BE NOT AFRAID”  We will proclaim, by word and the witness of our lives, the reality of God’s love.

"Finally, we will seek to do all of this, “In the spirit of total abandonment to the Father’s love with faith and joy.”

Those called to the Missionaries of the Word will be little souls.  We know that we are unable to do the task before us unless Christ does it through us.  Seeing our utter poverty we will abandon ourselves to the Father, laying everything at his feet.   Knowing how safe we are in the Father’s hands, being held by His infinite love, we will live with the faith and joy of the children of God.  We will follow the little way laid out by St. Therese and be confident in Christ’s ability to work in our poverty. With peace of heart we will offer him our little acts in great love.  


How can we not recall with gratitude to the Spirit the many different forms of consecrated life which he has raised up throughout history and which still exist in the Church today? They can be compared to a plant with many branches which sinks its roots into the Gospel and brings forth abundant fruit in every season of the Church’s life. What an extraordinary richness!
— Vita Consecrata 5